Hello Simmers, spring is here and so is the Biergarten-Time! And since I found this really cute mesh that has been converted to ts2 by Fifteen Dozen Sims, I thought I’d make a replica of the Dirndl I have irl :)

Enjoy! [D O W N L O A D]


Follower Gift!

I haven´t skinned in ages (actually it´s been 5 months), so when I started yesterday to get some routine again I just had to skin something for the guys. These are pieces I fancy myself…so yeah. Another reason I just had to.

The gift includes a pair of skinny cheapmonday jeans in various colors, a tshirt and a jumper by meadham kirchhoff <3

Credit goes to: Vero (for those amazing previews), Misstiikeri (alpha and parts of the tops textures) and Yuxi (meshes)


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I love that tshirt <3 great to see you’re back friend :333 


Small update @FEMME FATALE ! Two crop tops, some denim and a college jacket - enjoy! <3 

I DID IT AGAIN I’M F*CKING USELESS … sooo I forgot to add the babe shirt and shorts to the archive, so please go to Femme Fatale and redownload pretty please ? :3  #DOWNLOAD

I made this pretty blouse today so I thought I’d bring you an early 250 Followers gift *yay* 

D O W N L O A D (mesh by Catherine is included)

Small update @FEMME FATALE ! Two crop tops, some denim and a college jacket - enjoy! <3 

[SEMLLER] Acne_Taurus for YA/A Female

  • Includes both transparent and solid sole
  • Recolourable with 3 different types of wood
  • Mesh and textures by me

Semller Acne Taurus : Download

Don’t reupload and claim as your own.
Please tag #semller if you use my creations so I could check your post

aaarghhhh I want these for TS2 sooo bad!! They look fab! <3 

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Anonymous whispered:
is a new ff-update in the making? :O

Hi Nonnie, indeed I’ve finished some stuff a while ago, I’ve got some time now, so I hope there will be one soon :)


in light of recent events, here are my main female characters(so far) from my story together with one positive trait that i think describes them(they have negative ones too, of course, but that is not the point here.)

because if you hate a character based on gender then you should seriously sit down and ask yourself what gender really means to you. and because if you hate any of my girls solely because they lack dangly bits, then fuck you.

so lovely <3