Chelsea Girls Lookbook

Chelsea Girls Lookbook

  • Coat - MissTiikeri
  • Scarf - FemmeFatale (coming soon)
  • Skirt - FemmeFatale (coming soon)
  • Top - FemmeFatale (coming soon)



I’m excited to start writing and stuffs for Lourdes’s generation, but yanno, she doesn’t exist yet sooo… :3

omg they are amazing<3

I neeeed those shoes for TS2!!!! <3<3<3


Well done you, do you have any tips? im absolutely shocking at this game. Got to year 8 but all my people were dying so i turned it off and cried LOL.
well not really :D! First off, I startet playing at easy (which is ALOT easier than the normal mode!) you already have some resources, but start getting more of them. First off, you should have 2-3 fishing huts … depending how fast you want to expand. My town nearly died of hunger in the beginning, too, but somehow I managed to keep them alive :D! My only real tip is to expand as slowly as possible. Don’t forget to put ALOT of people on the farms and also start with mining iron, since you’ll need tools soon. and then keep going and growing ^^ 


Yep, your town looks much better than mine.
haha :D I can’t stop playing arrghH!! It’s so much fun but also challenging!

this time, it’s my town, kelsville! With 115 adults, 31 students and 39 children atm. Food production is high, but I need more leather so I can pay the tradesmen for more cool stuff like cherry seeds :/ 

magicsgone whispered:
all of the awesomeness on your tumblr was the deciding factor on me purchasing the sims 2: super collection for my mac. i just have to have it all, ha!

awwww you are too sweet ^3^ Sims2 for life!! <3 <3 <3 <3 I can’t wait to get my hands on (hopefully) some new cc from you! :D

Wow, your town looks so good. I haven’t had time to play in weeks.
It’s actually just a photo I took off google since I was too lazy to do my own lol :P But I’ll upload a pic of mine then :D

OMG Banished <3 <3 <3 played for 3 hours straight yesterday *_*

She’s a babe *w* and the lipstick looks awesome <3!
Thhaaaank you Darling!! Maybe I’ll upload it soon :3 

trying new things ~

also, new lipgloss :3 - 2nd version