Anonymous whispered:
Hey babe, could you please make some black leggings in various types?

of course! any shoe preferences? 

alexmanuel-sims whispered:
That backpack is gorgeous, ugh you did so amazing, though why am I surprised you are the queen of skinning clothes. ♥

haha aww that is so sweet of you ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ I didn’t want to skin the same pieces as you did, so the collection will maybe one day be complete :D 

Anonymous Request

JEREMY SCOTT x MOSCHINO runway capsule collection … or at least two pieces of it! Meshes by gereralzoi and sentate are included! 


redemptionofwarfare whispered:
Hey, are you still taking requests?

hi :) yes, I am finishing some stuff atm, but you can of course still request something! 

Anonymous whispered:
Oh god she looks so lovely! How did you downloaded cc? My demo crash no matter what I put in the game...

thank you anon!! <3 just put the cc in your mods folder! (Go to your documents folder and under ‘Electronic Arts’ and Sims 4 Create a Sim Demo there’s a mods folder) It’s really simple :D do you have the original version? if not, maybe that’s the problem? it all worked fine for me! 

she looks really pretty
aww thank you darling <3 

Finally tried out the CAS demo and instantly downloaded basically all CC there is for ts4 :D I do like the cartoony look of it, but I hope that with more cc it will look more realistic. since I completely skipped sims3, I hope you won’t be mad I’m not posting ts2 for once :P

ohh and btw this is Jenna :3 


Decided to give Fae a “grunge but sophisticated" style, I don’t know if that even exists

Anonymous whispered:
could you do some grounge or maybe hipster style clothing maybe? (I love everything you do) also, AWESOME that you decidied to put those shoes on that skirt <3 _<3

Grunge it is :) and thank you lovely <3 

Request by crave-for-a-rave

MEADHAM KIRCHHOFF SS14 skirt and top, meshes by me/catofevilgenius and hystericalparoxysm included.