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Where do you get your cc hair from??

Hi Nonnie :3 most of the time I use my own hair recolours, you can find some of them on my site Femme Fatale! Then I have a lot of hairs from hypnotizedsims, koticouture and GoS :)! 

❁ Question Meme ❁

I was tagged by sweet anitka-sims <3

Name: Veronika

Nickname:  Vero or Vroni or Ronnie, depending on whom I’m with :D

Birthday: July 12th

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Height: 1,68m (that’s what it says on my ID) but I almost always wear heels or platform boots ^^ 

Time Zone: GMT +2 (I live in Germany)

What time and date is it there?: it’s 17:30, August 30th

Average hours of sleep: tons. When I have to work aroung 6 or 7, but on the weekend it’s more like 10 or even 11 :P

OTP: oohhh lots and lots and lots. Korra/Mako, Zuko/Katara (both avatar), Arthur/Morgaine (BBC Merlin), Daniel Jackson/Vala Maldoran (Stargate SG-1), Katniss/Gale (Hunger Games), Lizzie/Mr Darcy (Pride&Prejudice), Havald/Serafine (das Geheimnis von Askir) just to name a few!

The last thing I Googled was: Richard Armitage because he’s my favourite actor and soooo hot ^^

First word that comes to mind: Corgiiiies <3

What I last said to a family member: I asked my mum if she needs help in the kitchen (yes I do live with my parents atm but I hope to move out again soon)

One place that makes me happy and why: Fanø, Denmark because I spend all my summers there and it’s the prettiest place in the world and my bedroom because my computer and my bed are there!

How many blankets I sleep under?: usually 1, but sometimes in winter I have another thin one :3

Favorite beverage: red whine, aperol spritz and sparkling wine (OMG I sound like an alcoholic right now D:) 

The last movie I watched in the cinema was: The Grand Seduction! Watched it as a sneek preview and it was pretty great! 

Three things I can’t live without: My computer/Internet, my dogs and my huge comfy bed. 

Something I plan on learning: Improving my graphic and 3D skills (work related) and meshing in general for sims. 

A piece of advice for all my followers: never give up on your dreams! If you want to study art or design or anything, even if you think you’re not gonna make much money with it, do it anyway!! If your heart is in it, success will come along. Do something you really love! Forget the money and only then you will be happy :)!

You have to LISTEN to this song: Uncle Jed!!! They are SO good. And basically everything from Cinematic Orchestra, Coldplay (especially Daylight) and Florence and the Machine <3

Soo I guess I have to tag people now! Is there anyone who hasn’t done this meme yet? ;D I tag melana horwitz, simply kitsch, veranka, rebellionicecream and alexmanuel-sims!


Eek <3 thank you *w* this looks awesome!!!


anitka-sims hat auf dein Foto geantwortet:Request by anon (it’s the right link this time…

I looove grunge, these come directly to my DL folder and you’ll see them on my sims. Thanks! ♥


Awesome! Thanks for sharing! <3
you guys are the best 

Request by anon (it’s the right link this time ;P) 

Crop top and acid shorts with ripped tights and doc martens. I was googling for grunge quotes and realised that I’m in love with this look/trend idk. I just overall love the style. So there will be more coming your way! 


flanel shirt by MissTiikeri, found here!

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hi, i love your stuff! did you ever post your recolor for semller’s Acne lila boots? i see the post but not the download link. or maybe im dummy and im missing it?

hi nonnie :3 no I didn’t upload it yet, but since you mentioned it now, I will soon ;))! 


EDIT: the download link didn’t work, I’m so sorry! It’s fixed now :)

Request by Redemptionofwarfare

Three necklaces with crystals/half moon.


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your half moon necklace link leads to a corgi massage!

lol what? ok sorry I’ll fix that asap!!!!